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The 5 teething saviours for us

We were convinced Oscar would have his first tooth by the time  he was 2 months old, I mean he was drooling, pawing at his gums, just definitely teething by 6 weeks, it couldn’t take that long could it?

Yes, yes it can, here we are at 5 months and not one tooth in sight! Still, who doesn’t love a gummy smile?


Here are the teething products we couldn’t live without

Teetha Teething Granules 


“Nelsons Teetha is a homeopathic remedy specially designed for the soothing and calming relief of the symptoms of teething, thus calming both baby and mother.” It is so hard to watch your baby screaming in pain with dribble running down their chin and their cheeks red-hot and tear stained and because as we’ve realized, teething can go on for months and months its nice to have something homeopathic rather than giving him calpol everyday!

We pick up teetha in our local pharmacy for less than €8, it really helped in the first few months when he could hold any teething rings!

Nuk teething ring set


The lovely people at Nuk Ireland were kind enough to send us an interlocking teething ring set, you can pop it in the fridge – so handy, and it attaches on to a handle to make it easier for the baby to grip, its small so its handy to pop in the changing bag for a teething emergency!

Gummee Glove 


The gummee glove is my favourite teething product out there, its perfect because you can just pop it on the babys hand and they’ll happily chew away saving their hands from bite marks and drool and saving your sanity from repeatedly picking up and sterilising a teething toy thats fallen on the floor. We got ours from Mothercare for €15.99, it comes with a handy laundry bag to make cleaning it easy and it has a detachable silicone teething heart so you’re never without something for the baby to gum at!



This was recommended to us by Craig @daddyfootandco but we couldnt get it anywhere in Ireland so my aunt brought us some across the border and it has been a massive help, instant relief for Oscar, you only need to put a drop on the tip of your finger and rub it on the sorest spot of the babys gums and within minutes they feel better!

Nuby Wacky Teething Ring


This was the very first teething ring we got. “Sporting raised, offset surfaces, this ring promotes the eruption of your baby’s first teeth and features a colorful design to provide visual stimulation.” It has different textured surfaces around the ring for front, canine and back teeth, its bright and colourful which for us meant Oscar spent more time looking at it than eating it but when he did, it did the job!

What helped your baby with teething? We’d love any tips, leave some below if you have any!

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