What to do if you get involved in an accident

There’s no denying it, car accidents are frightening and when they happen, they can often leave you feeling flustered and unable to think straight. While nobody wants to think about it, knowing what to do in the event of a car accident can help you cope better. FBD have created a handy checklist of general […]

Smart technology to keep your home secure

Smart Technology to Secure Your Home Liberty Insurance knows advances in technology mean that it’s never been easier or more affordable to secure your home, that’s why they’ve brought you these tips on how to use smart technology to improve home security. The devices remain pretty much the same but now alarms, locks, sensors and […]

Holiday packing tips for busy mums and dads

When it comes to holiday packing as a parent, gone are the days when you could throw caution to the wind, pack a few clothes and toiletries in the bag and be gone. With kids in tow, the concept of creating lists has never sounded so appealing! (Oh, how life has changed). Along with that, […]

Space themed nursery – Stickerscape Review

We were recently sent some wall stickers by Stickerscape to use in Arthurs new room. We loved the idea of space wall stickers  in his bedroom as its timeless and still cool. Arthurs room is a pale grey colour so we wanted big and bright designs to liven up the room. We chose the rocket and stars orange […]

Evermeadow Playhouse review

We were lucky enough to be sent the Evermeadow playhouse from Big Game Hunters a couple of months ago. Due to typical Irish weather, sick kids, and a hospital stay with the newborn we’ve only really gotten around to playing with it now! We love it. Honestly, from the speedy delivery to the endless options to customise […]

Easy ways to improve your garden

My mother is an avid green thumb, she loves gardening. She grows her own vegetables on an allotment and has studied horticulture for years. I on the other hand have the least green thumbs in the world. I am not a fan of being out doing back breaking work surrounded by creepy crawlies and dirt. […]

Making our house our home

Last year we “took over” my childhood home after my mam moved away. It’s the house I moved into over 20 years ago, it’s barely changed since. We’ve been slowly putting our own stamp on the house. We’ve gotten new furniture to replace the old, dated, not child friendly stuff. The thing about moving into […]