Easy ways to improve your garden

My mother is an avid green thumb, she loves gardening. She grows her own vegetables on an allotment and has studied horticulture for years. I on the other hand have the least green thumbs in the world. I am not a fan of being out doing back breaking work surrounded by creepy crawlies and dirt. […]

Making our house our home

Last year we “took over” my childhood home after my mam moved away. It’s the house I moved into over 20 years ago, it’s barely changed since. We’ve been slowly putting our own stamp on the house. We’ve gotten new furniture to replace the old, dated, not child friendly stuff. The thing about moving into […]

Luggwoods – Santa experience review

We were lucky enough to be invited along to the opening weekend of Luggwoods a few weeks ago. It was our first time going to their Christmas experience, we had been to their Halloween one previously. It was magical. Honestly, I think it will be a yearly tradition. Oscar was absolutely dosed with a bad […]

Christmas Gift Ideas – For Everyone

It’s not easy choosing the perfect gift for the people in your life. What I would love for Christmas my mother might not. Its important to take personality into account, not just gender! With that in mind I’ve compiled a list of gifts that would suit every type of person in my life. For the […]