Hey guys, this is just a little introduction to our little nerd family, we’re still new to this whole thing so please be patient with us, or not, I love a good online fight haha joke!

I’m Eileen, I’ve just turned 23, yeah I’m still a baby myself, but as you know I’ve got one of those! My best friend and baby daddy is Adam, an incredible man and an amazing dad to our 4 month old baby nerd Oscar.


We met when we were working as short order chefs for a softplay company, that’s basically a fancy way of saying we cooked chicken nuggets for a living. We were both super socially awkward and the only reason we started talking was because one of us mentioned Batman. From the moment we met we were inseparable, sickeningly so. We would joke that if we ever had a baby the baby would be a “nuglet”, we never actually imagined that we would be parents at 22 years old. but here we are!


We decided to start a blog to share our experience as new parents and our opinions on comics, games, movies, music and everything in between, all while juggling dirty nappies and baby bottles.

We’ll be taking turns writing posts, so you’ll get the full experience, from Mammys neurotic, ADHD nonsense to Daddys nonsensical, lackadaisical ¬†wit!

Stay tuned for updates on the life and times of 2 nerds and our baby!

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