Take the fear out of long family car journeys

Do you fear the dreaded car journey with your family. This is going out to all of you that have children anywhere from newborns, right up until they’re teenagers. It would seem that when going on a long car journey, kids just seem to lose their heads. Everything becomes annoying to them, and you’ll often find that they become irritated and so agitated after just a short amount of time. But just because some of the passengers in your car are getting a little frustrated, it doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, we’ve got some great way for you to keep the whole family calm, and to make long car journeys actually as enjoyable as they can be. If this sounds like the information you so desperately need, then have a read below and see what tips you can take away.

Get The Right Car

This is the first step in the whole nightmare process. The right car really is going to be a game changer, especially when you have the whole family in tow. The right car needs to be one that has the space your family needs, as well as the comfort. If you check out companies such as Saxton 4×4, you should be able to find some great cars that suit your needs. If you want our advice, anything smaller than an SUV isn’t going to be suitable for a family. They’re just so much more cramped, and they’re designed for quicker city journey’s, rather than the long and arduous journey that some families have to make. The right car also needs to be suitable for you. Whilst your children will always be your main priority, your happiness has got to come into it at some point. So, make sure the car is spacious in the front, and that it has plenty of driver aids such as cruise control to make the ride smoother.

Entertain Your Children

The main reason why you’ll find that your children are acting up so much, is because you’re just sitting in the front with your music on, and pretty much ignoring what they’re doing in the back. Try playing games with them such as eye spy, you might even find that fun too! There is always the option of bringing along some electronics to make the ride a little quieter. An Ipad with their favourite film on in the background wouldn’t go amiss!

Regular Breaks Are Essential

Regular breaks definitely are essential. As much as you might like to hit the road, and stay on the road, your children are going to become restless in the back. Unless of course they are asleep, then you should plough on as quickly as you can! However, when they’re away, try stopping every hour. Allowing them to stretch their legs, and maybe even treating them to a chocolate bar is guaranteed to keep them quiet until the next stop. Whatever you do though, don’t try and overdo the journey by skipping stops! It’s only going to end badly for the whole car.Hopefully now you won’t fear your next long family car journey as much!*Collaborative post*

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