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Summer is just around the corner and I am dreaming of a holiday. Normally we go to Spain on our holidays as we have family there. However, I want to see more of the world! Los Cabos, Mexico is on my bucket list. Everything about the Mexican culture and landscape appeals to me. As much as I would miss my baby, I think this would have to be a kid free holiday.

Mexico ready

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is on the very tip of Mexico, affectionately named “lands end” and it is breathtaking. Full of beautiful scenery and fascinating culture. Its perfect for adventure or just relaxing. I’ve always been a fan of self catering holidays – there’s something a bit more laid back about being able to cook when you want, with ingredients you’ve sourced on adventures to the local shops and markets. Who wouldn’t want to rent one of these vacation rentals in Los Cabos? Believe me, I’ve done some hunting around and these seem absolutely perfect for such a dream holiday. If I win the lotto, I’m heading to Mexico the next day.

Although most people who travel to Mexico stay in all-inclusive resorts, I absolutely adore the luxury feel of these holiday rentals. For me, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in a home away from home, where you have the freedom to come and go and explore the surroundings at your own pace.

Just imagine, no night feeds, nappies or nasty tantrums. White sand, blue skies, plenty of places to see. Mexican food. I love Mexican food. I would love to try some traditional grub! Los Cabos has an abundance of romantic resorts. Valentines day is just around the corner so I’m sure a few of you lot will end up planning weddings and honeymoons soon! Keep Los Cabos in mind.

Strolling along the beach hand in hand rather than dragging a buggy through the sand. Sipping on cocktails rather than cold coffee. Sunset cruises in lieu of sunrise starts. Meals by the sea, imagine eating your dinner while its still hot! Bliss.

There’s so much to do in the region. It’s the perfect combination of dessert and beach. You can go surfing in Todos Santos. Dance the night away on one of the strips. Go fishing, try some fish tacos! Watch whales, go shopping, have a drink!

For the romantics, take a trip to ‘El Arco’, which is an amazing natural rock structure over the ocean at the very land’s end. I think I’d absolutely love to see this for myself, as it sounds just beautiful. You can go on a boat trip and visit ‘Lovers Beach’. Adam and I barely had time to be a couple before we became parents, so it would be so nice to spend time together there. Calm crystalline waters is just what we need. Not to mention a bit of sunshine!┬áHilariously, there’s also ‘Divorce Beach’, which appears equally beautiful, albeit with suitably choppier waters.

Los Cabos is a destination favoured by celebrities and tourists alike, and as one of the world’s most popular destinations, with a gorgeous climate where the sea and desert meet, it’s really not hard to see why. This is a holiday that I know would leave us with incredible memories, so I’m planning ahead for it already!

One of the other things I’d really be excited to get my teeth into in Los Cabos has to be the cuisine. Mexico is well known for it’s tantalising tastes, and we’re both big fans of salsa, spice and all things sizzling. Due to the location of this amazing venue, seafood and fish make up the backbone of Los Cabos’ culinary delights. I can’t think of anything better than enjoying a gorgeous plate of freshly sourced clams in a beachside restaurant – heaven! You can experience a wide range of traditional Mexican cuisine at the many restaurants and cafes in Los Cabos, and with such a variety of options, there’ll be something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Beautiful crafts and artisan wares are something that Mexico specialises in, so a trip to San Jose del Cabo would definitely be on the cards. The central Plaza Mijares is a gorgeous looking town square where I’d almost certainly come away with a load of new handcrafted, one of a kind jewellery and accessories. There’d probably be some cool bits to pick up for Oscar too – I’d never be able to come home without bringing him a few souvenirs!

There’s no way either of us could spend the entirety of our dream break in Mexico just sunning ourselves every day, so luckily Los Cabos has an absolute load of outdoor activities that we could get stuck into! I’ve been looking into the Desertica Cabo Multi Adventure Park, where you can get onto zip wires and enjoy the views as you fly across the cactus-filled park. You can also test out your watersports skills with a kayak adventure, which is something I reckon Adam and I would love to have a go of after a hot day’s hiking through the desert terrain.

Speaking of cooling off, I’d totally have to give snorkelling a try! You can go on a boat trip just off the coast and explore the gorgeous coral reefs near to the shore, where I’m sure we’d be able to see tropical fish and maybe further out, we might even see some whales. One of Los Cabos’ most popular attractions is whale-watching, and I’d love to see them, it’d surely be a once in a lifetime experience.

Los Cabos is on my bucket list for so many reasons, I could talk about it all day! I’d encourage you to check it out and also have a look into some of the holiday rental options if you’re thinking of planning your own trip to this amazing resort.

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