It has been absolutely baltic the last few weeks so Grizzly, the dog has been spending a lot more time indoors, he’s loving life tearing the bin apart and shedding about a pound of hair a day, I’m loving it too because he’s the most lovable rogue in the world! So, last week I came downstairs with Oscar for breakfast to find the kitchen looking like a scene from CSI. There was blood and fur everywhere, the dog was lying on his bed chilling out with two spatulas and a massive gash on his foot. He must have attempted to make a stir fry in the night because the 2 stone wok was on the floor too.

His midnight snack obviously didn’t go to plan when he dropped the wok on his paw, 3 stitches and a cone of shame later he’s absolutely fine but the wok is dented beyond repair.

Luckily we got 2 absolutely amazing Copper stone pans from JML, they are incredible. That is easily the most adult thing I have ever said, I am genuinely excited about new pans! They look really nice too, they heat up quickly, don’t need much oil, nothing sticks to them and they are easy to clean. I make Oscar an omelette everyday for lunch so they’re really getting good use, and not having to soak and scrub them really makes my life easier! They would make great Christmas gifts for the cook in your life because I know the cook in mine (Chef Adam) loves them!

JML Copper Stone Pans

The pans are available to buy from JML in various sizes. They are so brilliant! The dog definitely won’t be getting his paws on those bad boys!

10 comments on “The dogs dinner

  1. So glad Grizzly is okay, and I think he looks extra cute in his cone of shame. Them pans are also lush and I’m majorly jealous. Can’t wait to come over to the land of the Irish for an omelette

  2. I legit LOVE Grizzly though! Mind you those pans look pretty mint as well, could do with some of them meself. Glad the furry cone-beast is alright now like 🙂 x

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