Safety 1st Wall fix extending safety gates

What is it with toddlers and stairs?! Oscars mastered the art of taking the baby gate off the wall. He doesn’t need to learn to open it if he can just pull it down.

Safety First got in touch about trying out the wall fix stair gates you can’t get much more secure than a gate that is screwed into the wall! Not only is it fixed to the wall, it can actually extend from 62-102cm too.


The Safety 1st Wall Fix Extending Metal Gate is ideal for a wide area such as the top or bottom of the stairs. It can extend from 62cm to a maximum of 102cm with no need for extensions. There is also no need to step across a bottom bar like some other safety gates. Either side simply lifts away from the wall as required giving you an extra wide walkthrough section, leaving only the fixtures in place.

This gate also features easy one-handed opening and closing thanks to a clever tilt and lift opening mechanism

The one handed opening is especially helpful when we’re trying to stealthily lift Oscar up to bed. No more tripping over the annoying bottom bar in the dark either! We have an awkward staircase, the banisters are circular so pressure fit gates were always slipping off. I’m a helicopter mam but Oscar still manages to make a run for the stairs when I’m not looking. Adam fit the gates, it was easy to do. Simply screw the supports into the wall and slide the gate into them, then screw the catches on the other side and you’re good to go!!

The gate has given us that extra peace of mind. With baby number 2 on the way it will be good to not worry about Oscar legging it up the stairs!! It retails for £20 and you can get one here! Ours were gifted to us.

*All opinions in this review are our own honest views*

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