I tried out LogoJoy an online logo creator, I had a little bit too much fun with it if I’m honest, it’s so easy to do!! I’m pretty happy with our logo but I also found ones on LogoJoy that would look so good on business cards!

It was so easy to make a logo that I loved, it took less than 5 minutes to do, here are the steps I took;

1. Pick 5 logos you like the look of

2. Put in the name of your business/blog

3. Pick colours you would like in your logo

4. Pick 5 graphics you would like in your logo

5. Choose your favourite logo out of the ones designed for you!

It was so hard to pick!

That’s it, all done! How easy was that!! If you’d like to create your own amazing logo head on over to LogoJoy, it couldn’t be simpler! Once you choose your logo you can see what it would look like on tshirts, business cards, decals, the lot! I’m so excited by it I’m genuinely considering getting it printed on all my clothes hahaha

How good does that look!!! This was a collaborative post with LogoJoy, I was given the opportunity to design my own logo, afterwards I reviewed my experience and as usual all opinions are my own. I will always give my honest opinion on products and services ❤️<<<< gt;<<< ><< p>< /p>

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