Mess? No Stress with Bibetta

I’m sure lots of parents say this but I really do think I have the messiest eater ever. Oscar likes to smear himself in whatever he is eating. When I say eating I mean attempting to feed himself and missing his mouth 85% of the time. Let me tell you, eggs are not easy to sweep up!

Bibetta UltraBib

We were kindly sent a Bibetta UltraBib, it has been a game changer. Its soft and waterproof and easy to clean, most of the time I can just wipe it down with a wipe and have it ready for Oscars next meal, otherwise I just chuck it in the washing machine with his clothes and its sparkling in no time!

Its available for £11.99 from Bibetta

Oscars favourite feature is definitely the fold out pocket which catches all the bits he drops, its like a surprise at the end of a meal for him and if you know Oscar you know he loves nothing more than food! The UltraBib with sleeves is definitely one of our weaning must haves, it has saved me a lot of washing!


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