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Gift guide for dads

Dads are usually happy with whatever you give them, especially if its alcohol or a moments peace, but now that Adam is a dad I’ve the task of getting him a present from Oscar as well as from me, I struggle to think of one thing never mind 2! So here’s a list of ideas for your dad or baby daddy.

For the gamer

Xbox One Controller £50.99

Or Playstation controller, whatever floats his boat!

Turtle Beach Headset  £29.99

so he can talk to his buds and pretend not to hear you when you tell him to clean up…

For the Star Wars fan

Jedi Dressing Gown £27.99

We got this dressing gown from findmeagift, safe to say Adam loves it! He thinks he’s Obi-Wan, he’s the Obi-Wan for me anyway hahaha

Yoda Mug £5.74





Or this mug, if you’re looking for star wars gifts elsewhere you’re looking in Alderaan places


For the bearded dad

Beard Care Set £23.60

Ah yes, more to save Oscar and I from getting stabbed with a sharp unruly beard but I’m sure lads like to pamper themselves too!

What are you getting the dad in your life?

6 thoughts on “Gift guide for dads

  1. Laughing at Adam in that dressing gown! Bradley hasn’t got a dressing gown and will occasionally wear my pink floral one if he’s cold… need to snap a picture of that!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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