Family Car – Finding the right car for your family

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Finding a good family car is hard. Having a tiny 3 door car doesn’t work with a baby on the way. I could barely fit my bump behind the steering wheel! You couldn’t fit a car seat, buggy and all the bits that come with a baby in that car! We hadn’t got much money, and we had to get a family car so we needed a plan. There also had to be space for Grizzly, our massive, coordinationally challenged dog.


We had to set a budget. With a baby on the way, there wasn’t much disposable income. So we looked at how much we were willing to spend. We weighed up the pros and cons of buying a car outright or paying off finance. In the end buying one outright meant we wouldn’t be worrying 9 months down the line when we were running out of nappies when the car payment was due. Always look for a family car that is below your means if you’re paying through finance!

Decide what is most important in a family car

Having a fancy car is great but can you fit the car seat in safely? Does it have enough space in the boot for a buggy? Is it safe? Will it last?

You want the car to be safe for you and your family, no one wants to end up in an accident or have a preventable injury like Whiplash

Make a checklist of what you want out of a car and take it shopping with you. You may want to consider the following when there will be children in the car

  • Child locks
  • Side impact air bags
  • Working seat belts
  • Do the back seats slope?
Think long term

Babies don’t stay babies for long, trust me! Also, kids grow and the car will need to be able meet these changes. You may decide to have more kids and you also don’t want to have to buy a new car every time there’s a new arrival either!

Shop around

There are loads of places to buy a car nowadays! Car dealers, private sellers or online sites like Take your time looking around to find the best price for a quality car.

Test drive

You don’t want to buy a car without taking it for a spin. Make sure to check everything from lights to brakes, especially to the way the windows go up and down, you don’t want pinched fingers! No one wants to take a trip to the mechanic with a car they’ve only had for a wet week.

What are your top tips for buying a family car?

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