Toilet training a toddler – my size potty review

We were recently sent the my size potty train and transition toilet for Oscar, from Summer Infant. Oscar has been showing signs he is ready to move out of nappies lately. He tells us when he has to go to the toilet, or when he has gone. The my size potty is the first potty he’s liked. We have tried child size toilet seats, a traditional potty and a step up to the adult toilet, he hated them all. Now he’s actually excited to use the toilet! Oscar happily sits on the comfortable padded seat and loves “flushing” it when he’s finished.

To train or not to train

I was hesitant to use a potty because the idea of having to then train him to use the big toilet felt like another mammoth task. The my size potty train and transition comes with a removable plush seat that can fit on a regular toilet making the transition easy. It’s small and can fit in a nappy bag so training can be done on the go without the fear of using a different toilet. You can store wipes in the back or “cistern” part of the potty too!


The realistic design and flush sound makes the toilet seem way less daunting to a toddler. It has definitely made toilet training seem less scary for me. I was dreading having to force Oscar to use the toilet when he was afraid to but now he forces me to sit with him! It is easy to clean and the perfect size to have in our bathroom alongside the bigger toilet. We can have it in the living room on those busier days when he needs reminding to go.

I would definitely recommend the my size potty to anyone who is about to start their training journey. It has made it a fun experience for both Oscar and us! We were sent the potty to review but I would have happily paid the £34.99! The convenience it has added to toilet training a toddler with a baby in tow has been great. We have a long way to go to being completely dry but it is going well and we love this product!

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