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Quirky Kid’s Bedroom Designs To Try This Year


If you are looking at making some changes to your home this year, one of the things you may have thought of doing is making over the kids bedroom. The bedroom is a place which for children is like their own private playground, and because of this you can afford to have a little fun with the way you decorate it.

Harry Potter

If your child is a wizard in training, you can make their home into a magical land by painting the walls to look like their favourite hogwarts house dorm room. Then you can paint the ceiling dark and stick glow in the dark stars to it for a magical feel each night as they fall asleep. Make wands out of their pencils using a glue gun and spray paint, and decorate the room with lots of Harry Potter themed accessories. And finally, on the first night they sleep in their room slip a hogwarts letter under the door. You’ll have an excited kid on your hands in the morning!

Pirate Ship

Take a regular bed such as from the Cuckoolands kids bed collection, and make a pirate ship out of it at home. You’ll need to take some large sheets of wood and cut them to fit both sides of the bed, paint the bed so it looks like a pirate ship and even use a plate or an old steering wheel to make your child feel like a captain of their own ship. Decorate the room with nautical themed items and let their imagination go wild!

In the jungle

If your child loves animals, you can make their bedroom their own personal jungle. To do this you will need to start off by painting the walls green and adding in tree stencils. Buy a bunk bed for extra effect and decorate the ladder with vines and flowers. Then have some fun hiding some stuffed animals around the room and making it feel like the great outdoors.

Princess Castle

If your child loves nothing more than to play a Disney princess, you can make their bedroom into a palace of their own. If you have a crafty eye and some materials you can make the bed into a castle. Simply start with a normal bed and two shelving units on each side. Then build an arch above the bed to create a snug, and turn the shelves into turrets. You can then build an area above the bed which is a play area for your little girl, with stairs on each side to climb up and railings on top to let their fantasy come true.

Chalkboard Wall

If you have a child who loves to paint and create art, you can make their room into an artist’s studio and buy an easel, plenty of materials for them and spaces on the wall for them to hang their masterpieces. Finish off with a full wall painted with chalk paint, and your child will be happy for years!

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