Primary School Memories

School days are the best days of your life right? I think so anyway. The most stressful thing was remembering to bring your crayons. Here are some of my favourite school memories!

  • Rushing to pick the milk carton with the coolest picture on it
  • Playing the tin whistle so badly the teacher asks you to goldfish
  • Seeing the TV rolled in
  • Writing in pen for the first time
  • Seeing what your mam packed in your lunch, praying for a billy roll sambo and a penguin bar
  • Trading pokemon cards at lunch
  • The stress of trying to make sure you wrote everyone a Christmas card
  • The school disco, maybe even getting a dance off the coolest boy in his flames shirt and spiky hair
  • Goo aliens and the one liar who said theirs was pregnant
  • Being one of the only girl captains in the “Lunch League” – school football tours would have been right up my street

Memories from other bloggers

The food

I used to love being chosen to give the milk cartons and malted milk biscuits out

Pudding used to be the best. Something and custard I swear that’s the only reason I had hot dinners

That tray bake sprinkle cakeHttps://

The fun stuff

Collecting yellow stickers on a chart to eventually receive a certificate in Assembly. I felt so smug looking down on all the minions as I stood up and collected it! Https://

Getting a supply teacher because you knew that it meant you could firstly sit next to your friend as they didn’t know the seating plan and secondly – mess around all lesson!

We made our own mini movie of Robin Hood and I played Maid Marion! We filmed it in Sherwood Forest too! My best line was “Oh Robin you saved me! You’re my hero!” A very proud moment of mine ?

Being allowed to sit on the bench in assembly ?

Getting the maths cards out of the box to do when you knew where the answer card was! Http://

Bit different, but the smell of the wet sand pit in reception/year 1 was my favourite thing ever. I feel like I can still smell it if I even think about it. Whenever I go to the beach it takes me back ?

Anytime you were sent to the school nurse she would sort you out with a wet paper towel ?

Being allowed on the field in summer and getting to roll down the bank, practise handstands and make daisy chains

OHP (overhead projector) duty so you got to sit on a chair during assembly and switch it on and off. Bonus excitement if you had to change sheets midway through a song.  Also being on corridor duty – the power! Finally, getting to take the class teddy bear home in reception. Something that as a parent I’m dreading!!

Being asked to take the register to the office & feeling like a smug little shit because you got to be the teachers pet & skive for ten minutes!

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