Money saving hacks for parents

Kids cost money, a lot of money, due to nappies, the food, the wipes, the clothes, playgroup, toys…. The list goes on. Being a parent is expensive, all of a sudden birthdays and holidays cost a lot more. Don’t get me started on Christmas.

I know, I know, it’s only September. I’m not asking you to get festive but it’s never too early to get organised. Every year I find myself scraping together money to afford the last of the Christmas bits. But not this year.

There’s plenty you can do to save money throughout the year. Because having a little bit put by makes things a lot easier! Here are some money saving hacks for parents that might help.

Make your own baby food

It’s so convenient to just pick up jars and pouches and tubs of food but it all adds up! Blend up whatever you’re having for dinner and freeze it in little portions. You might be surprised how much you save! For toddlers I always get my inspiration from GeeGardner

Meal plan

I’ve found that if I know what we’re having for dinner each day I don’t spend as much food shopping. I know exactly what I need and I’ll plan a few meals with the same ingredients. My slow cooker has been my life saver! I’ll cook a large ham on Monday for dinner then use the scraps on Tuesday for omelettes and finally on Wednesday for carbonara!

Shop after the holiday

Seems a bit pointless but hear me out. Stock up on the cheap, the cost of decorations and gifts are slashed literally the day after a holiday!

Don’t be afraid of pre-owned

Almost all first time parents, myself included, have a lot to buy. There’s definitely a lot you don’t actually need. For the stuff you do need shop around, go check out buy and sell pages! Lots of pre-loved products are half price. Babies use stuff for such a short amount of time, as a result is it really worth forking out hundreds for something you’ll need for 6 months?

Head for the hills

It’s certainly hard to spend money in a forest. Instead of spending a day out somewhere you’ll be tempted to splurge, go somewhere you can’t. Go for walks, to the playground, etc.

Start a rainy day fund

There will always be emergencies. If you can, start a fund that will be there when needed. It’s always good to have a backup plan.

There are loads of ways to cut costs as a parent without cutting out the stuff you really need. You can start with some resolutions like these!

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One comment on “Money saving hacks for parents

  1. I love pre-owned now. I’m always trolling through Ebay now. I admit in the beginning, whilst pregnant I wanted all new no second hand, and I think I would do the same for another baby whilst he/she was in the newborn stage. But once they don’t feel so delicate anymore I would defiantly swap to second hand. Love it!

    Much love, Caitylis x x

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