Making our house our home

Last year we “took over” my childhood home after my mam moved away. It’s the house I moved into over 20 years ago, it’s barely changed since. We’ve been slowly putting our own stamp on the house. We’ve gotten new furniture to replace the old, dated, not child friendly stuff. The thing about moving into a home thats been lived in is the extra stuff you bring with you. The house can get cluttered pretty quickly!

I’m a minimalist, I like big open space. Growing up there was always a lot going on in our home. The decor was busy and loud, I like it a bit more chilled. We started down sizing everything, we went through our wardrobes, decluttering. I’m a big fan of the “one month rule” I gather up stuff that has accumulated around the house and put it in a bag, if I don’t look for anything in that big within a month, I get rid of the bag. It’s crazy how much better the place looks when we have just what we need.

There are a few options to clear space such as hiring removal companies or selling your old stuff online. House removal costs vary depending on a number of factors. These include location, job type, and the volume of furniture removal. It’s nice to get some extra space in the house. We have even had space to turn one of the downstairs rooms into a playroom for the boys!

As a young family it’s important to us to have a space that is our own. We’re slowly working our way through the rooms in the house, painting and refurnishing them. I can’t wait until everything is finished!

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