Insta worthy photos with kids – is it possible?

Getting your child to sit still for a photo can be a challenging task and this is especially the case when they are walking and talking. If you are sick and tired of just never being able to get that perfect photo because your child is too fidgety or because they just can’t stay in one place for too long then you can find some helpful hints and tips below.

Give Them Something to Hold

This is great if you have younger children. You may be able to get your child to sit on a stool, but that doesn’t mean that they will be happy about it. They’ll probably cry, pout or scowl their way through the shoot and this can lead to some very interesting family photos. If you have a small toy or anything else that may draw their attention then this is a great way to get a little smile out of them. When they look up at you with the toy, make sure that you are ready there with the camera so that you can snap that perfect moment.


Play Copycat

Another thing that you can do is ask them to play copycat. They have to repeat everything that you do. Try a few funny poses and ask them to freeze when you say so. This is a great way for you to get them involved in a game or two and you may even be able to get some great family photos by doing this with the kids as well. When you are having a Multi generation family photo shoot you can even get the family involved so that they can encourage the child to go along with it. This way you can really have a fun and exciting experience.

Always Have Something to Look At

When you have the camera aiming at them, it can be hard to get them to look at you. Toddlers have the remarkable way of knowing when you want them to do something, but somehow they always end up doing the complete opposite. They really are smart, and in some instances you may have to take extra measures to make sure that they take note of the camera. If you want to do this, try and put a toy or even a picture on top of the camera so that it attracts their attention. You can even have a sweet or a piece of candy on top of the camera, and when they sit still for the photos, you can give it to them as a reward.

You can even wear a funny hat, or something equally as daft so that you get a laugh out of them while they are looking right at you. If you want to get photographs from different angles, move around. You can move to the left, to the right, up and down etc. Your toddler will probably follow you with their head and this can help you to get a variety of headshots from different angles.

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