How your life will change after having kids

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If you haven’t already discovered this one simple truth yet, and you are a parent in waiting, know this…

Your life will change after having kids!

If you’re a parent, this is nothing new to you. You will completely identify with this article. But for those expectant parents, get ready.

Your priorities will completely change.

Forget about what used to matter in your life – your favourite Netflix binges, clothes shopping at the mall, hanging out with your mates. When you have children, you will be forever watching such ‘delights’ as Bubble Guppies and Masha and the Bear, you will be more interested in your child’s fashion than your own, and the bulk of your social time will be wheeling your baby around the park, hoping and praying that somebody, anybody will offer you some adult conversation to break up the baby talk.

Oscar and Mammy

Say goodbye to your clean and tidy home.

If you were ever house proud at all, you are soon going to think differently. Toys will clutter your living room, food will be splashed from wall to wall, and from poop to pee, your flooring will never be the same again. You really will need to visit Carpet One for something more stain-resistant! Of course, due to the tiredness you feel, housework will go out of the window. What’s the point when there is going to be more mess to tidy up soon after you have vacuumed!

Every day will be a surprise,

with your child doing something frustrating or adorable to keep you on your toes. One minute you are going nuts because you have discovered your remote control is in the fish tank or your DVD collection have become impromptu frisbees, and the next you will be swooning when your child says his first word or finally decides to get off his bum and practices walking. It’s an experience, that’s for sure, and your emotions will be on a rollercoaster!

You will develop new talents.

Having a baby is a wake-up call, quite literally, when you finally gain the ability to be a morning person. You will learn how to speak baby talk, fasten a diaper, and multitask your way through the day. You will discover an inner strength to keep going, no matter how tired you feel. And you will take on many personas, from child entertainer when keeping little one happy, to protective bodyguard when out on your travels. You aren’t just a mom… you’re Wonder Woman!!

You will learn that things you took for granted now become luxuries.

Every extra second you get in bed is a dream come true. More than one shower a week will become something to treasure. Putting your feet up with a cup of tea will be worth more than any number of material things you could have in your life. Once your kids have arrived, life as you know it will never be the same. But that’s okay, because…

Having kids is totally worth it! Your life will change, but you won’t mind. Despite the literal and metaphorical poop that comes with being a parent, there are so many moments when you will hold your child in your arms and completely fall in love with your little bundle of joy. Parenthood has its ups and downs, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Most of the time, anyway!

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