It feels better to be in a light, open space. I always feel like I can breathe better in a bright room. Sometimes it’s hard to make a space with no natural light look and feel open and bright. Its good for your mental and physical health to let natural light into a room as much as you can. If you feel like you don’t have enough light you could get replacement windows fitted. If not, I have some tips. There are plenty of ways to get light to reflect around a room.

Bright colours

Bright colours can really energise a room. They make a space feel larger and more open. When we were doing our Master Bedroom Makeover we painted all the walls white, bar one feature wall. It really made the room seem massive and airy. It can make the room feel cold but we have triple glazed windows

“Keep it light and bright! Teddys’s room isn’t the biggest but we painted it in a really pale mint green & that, paired with his white furniture has made his bedroom look twice the size!” FromRachaelClaire

Hang mirrors

“Mirrors reflect light” TheSmallestOfThings

Mirrors are a great way of doubling the amount of sunlight in a room, hang some decorative mirrors across from windows and doors to brighten any space.

Choose your paint wisely

Going for a gloss paint can end up creating a glare rather than reflecting light. Matt paint is much better!

White furniture

“My living room is really dark so we put light coloured blankets on the sofa and we have white furniture” EmAndMe

White furniture seems smaller, more compact! Make use of whatever you can.

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