Healthy Eating Hacks For Toddlers

Toddlers, fussy little feckers. It isn’t easy to get them to eat healthy. One day they absolutely love carrot sticks, the next they are screaming in your face for having the audacity to put one on their plate. It’s not easy. Oscar is pretty good with fruit but really contrary when it comes to vegetables. He loves sweetcorn but there are only so many times I can change a yellow speckled nappy and still be able to eat corn again the next night. The best thing I have in my kitchen for making sure Oscar gets his 5 a day is my food blender. I am able to blend the veg up and mix it into pasta sauce, and my god he loves pasta.

Make a plan, meal prep or just even a meal plan for the week to avoid the temptation to throw on nuggets. I am guilty of that way too often. Introduce new foods slowly, be patient but don’t give up! I found Oscar will eat vegetables a lot easier if they are cut into batons. I give him some humous to dip them into. Experiment, see what works for you!

Tips from other mothers

Rachael, FromRachaelClaire said “Teddy is at the age where he likes what he likes and that’s the end of it. There are certain fruits and veg he will eat til the cows come home but I worry they aren’t enough. I need to make sure I add some variety! I find sneaking veg into things is easiest. Homemade veg pasta sauce, veg mixed in with his main meals etc. I know he’ll eventually broaden his horizons but for now, sneakiness wins!”

Kids love shapes too, cut the fruit or veg into a shape they recognize and they might just eat it! Fern from mumconventional says ” I find he eats more fruit and veg if I chop it up small for him. If he doesn’t like the look of it, he’s still more inclined to try it because he knows it’s only a little piece”.

One of my favourite instagram accounts for toddler meal inspiration is What Lily Eats ran by Gee from GeeGardner her ideas for her daughters meals are fun and healthy and I can definitely see Oscar loving the colour and shapes on every plate.

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One comment on “Healthy Eating Hacks For Toddlers

  1. I’m so excited for Theodore to try more foods! We’re currently just on purée and a few finger veg/fruit/wheat. But I can’t wait for him to have proper meals with us! I may have to get myself a food blender like that, to sneak in all those veggies. (Might help with the hubby too… he’s “allergic” to veggies…)
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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