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Guest Post – Why I started Blogging by Charlie Gray

So I have an amazing guest poster today named Charlie Gray, Charlie has a gorgeous little boy named Oscar, great name 😘 take it away Charlie

Well, the blog I currently write is not my first. The reason I started THIS blog is because I’m a mama now and I read so many mama blogs when I was pregnant I felt the writing bug nibbling away at me again, my life was different now but my passion for blogging was not. 

Before this I blogged about cancer, my trials and tribulations of going through chemotherapy; I interviewed other patients that I had treatment with and tried to raise money and awareness for different types of cancer and the signs and symptoms to look out for. 

I’m a lot more private now about my health and I don’t think I’ll ever blog about illness again because, if I’m honest it made my life HELL. Luckily, none of those people are in my life anymore. 

Sometimes I just need to write- there’s currently 46 draft posts sat there waiting on WordPress that I just can’t bring myself to publish. 
Another good thing about blogging is that you can meet other mummy/ parent bloggers, beauty and lifestyle too. Everyone is so supportive and kind and if I ever need advice I know there’s an army of lovelies just waiting to help. 

Also, Oscar is allergic to milk and when I first found out I was desperate for there to be an informal blog or just anything informal for me to read to feel like I wasn’t completely failing all the
time and I think that’s the best thing about blogging, it’s the best way to meet people, to meet friends and to feel like you belong somewhere. 

It’s getting a bit cheesy now, but truly, that is why I started and although I am inconsistent that’s the nice thing about it being MINE, I can post whenever and whatever I like

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