Getting winter ready with small kids

Last spring the country was hit with “The beast from the East”, the worst cold snap the country had been faced with for years. Roads were closed, people were fighting over the last loaf of bread, the country was at a standstill! Honestly, most of us weren’t prepared for it at all.

To avoid that happening again I have some tips for getting winter ready;

Get your boiler checked

You definitely do not want to be without heating during extreme weather. Cheap boilers are more likely to break down, getting them serviced regularly means you can avoid a new boiler cost.

Keep your heating on

Maintain a constant regular temperature in your house.

Stock up on essentials

Everyone was laughing before the storm when videos went viral of people filling their trolleys with loaves of bread and litres of milk. It wasn’t long before those laughing were running out of stuff! Stock up when you hear about incoming bad weather

Make sure you car is safe

Ensure you have decent tyres and enough coolant/anti-freeze in your car. Lubricate doors and keyholes so you can still open them when they freeze.

Bring pets inside

If it’s too cold for you to be outside in your bare feet, it’s too cold for them too. Keep them safe indoors until the bad weather passes.

Apparently we are due another bit of snow in the next week or so, what are your top tips to prepare for bad winter weather?

*Collaborative post*

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