Five Essential Baby Items You Need to Purchase As Soon as Possible

If you just found out that you are having a baby, congratulations! You must be excited and overwhelmed at the same time. You’re thinking ahead, and trying to make a list of what you need to get before the new family member arrives. There are some things that you can buy cheaper at baby fairs and discount stores. If you take advantage of offers you can save money. Other items can wait, until you know more about your baby.

Find a list of essential items below, and start your baby shopping list now.

Baby Seats and Buggies

Oscars car seat

As soon as your baby arrives, you will need to find a way to carry them home and transport them safely. Getting a unisex baby car seat that will serve you on the way home from the hospital, and buggies, so you can go out for a walk in the first few days are essential.

You might save money if you buy a multifunctional set that can be turned into a car seat, buggy, Moses basket, or even changing mat. Travel systems are great, ours came with a car seat so we were able to just pop it on to the buggy without waking him to take him out.

Changing Table

You will need to use the changing table at home a lot! You want to avoid having to bend down after giving birth, especially after a c-section. Lifting your baby from the floor or bed can be hard. A changing table with shelves, or one that is attached to the bed can be a great idea, and will help you look after your new baby better.

Get a washable cover that you can wipe clean after each changing, and stick to unisex colors if you don’t know your baby’s gender yet.

Nursery Decor

No matter if you are expecting a boy or a girl, you will need to start thinking about decorating your nursery. You could pick up some great bargains if you regularly visit your local mother and baby store, and look out for discounted items.

You don’t want your child to arrive to a dull and plain room, and lack sensory inspiration in the first few days. Oscars nursery is grey and white with Star Wars and superheroes throughout.

Feeding Chairs and Baby Bath

Oscars bath

You are going to need a baby bath that is safe for your baby, and protects your lower back. Find ergonomic designs that allow you to rest your elbows on the side while you are washing the baby. After a few months, you will also need a feeding chair, and you can look out for bargains as soon as you find out that you are expecting.

Unisex Clothes

While you might want to know the gender of your baby before you start buying their clothes, you can get some unisex items as soon as possible. If you are expecting in the winter, buying coats and overalls in the summer can save you a lot of money. Check out Nicki’s kids clothes for inspiration.

Expecting a baby is so exciting. Make sure you don’t have to roam the shops in the last few weeks. You can start thinking ahead and look out for bargains on essential baby items.

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