Finding ways to relax as a parent

Finding the time to relax when you’re a parent is not easy, trust me. Children by their nature require pretty much all of your attention, especially at first. Even though you can leave them under the supervision of someone else, it’s difficult to let go, and you can only rely on babysitters every so often. But you don’t necessarily need someone to look after your child if you want to spend some time relaxing. You can still find the time to relax when you’re parenting, so don’t assume you’re doomed to forever be stressed out until you can trust your children on their own.

Make the Most of Evenings

Getting the little guy to bed probably shouldn’t be the best part of my day, but sometimes it is. Not the actual bedtime routine, but actually realising that they’re finally asleep and you have some time to yourself. You might want to just collapse into bed yourself or spend the evening on the sofa, but it’s a good opportunity to spend some time really relaxing. Instead of stopping in front of the TV, why not put on bath robes and enjoy some pampering time? You could take a bath, get your other half to give you a massage, or maybe enjoy some nice food!

Team Up with Other Parents

Other parents can be your best friends when you have kids and want to be able to relax. In fact, other parents often become your only friends once you start growing your family. The benefit of having friends who are also parents is that you can team up. Raising children is something that people have long done as a community. When you have other parent friends to hang out with, you can share the load and watch over each other’s kids. Some parents even go on holiday together so that they can reduce the stress of going away with children. It takes a village!

Relax By Getting Active

It might seem like a contradiction, but exercise is a great way to relax, especially as a family. It helps you work out stress, and it keeps everyone fit and healthy too. There are plenty of ways to get active as a family, from walking and going on bike rides together to running around in the garden. It helps to make everyone happy, and even babies and toddlers can join in with some things. Whether they’re acting as a weight when you’re working out or joining you on your bike ride in a trailer, they don’t need to be left on the sidelines. Sometimes Adam bench presses Oscar and Oscar thinks it’s hilarious!

Have a Laugh

Laughing together is another thing you can do as a family to relax. Lots of things can make both you and your kids laugh (even if sometimes neither you nor they know why they’re laughing). Sometimes just watching your children in a giggling fit is enough to make you laugh, which releases endorphins and makes you happy and relaxed. You can watch a film, play a game or do anything else you’ll all enjoy.

Oscars ball pool

Being a parent doesn’t mean you can never relax. In fact, you can find ways to relax with your children so everyone is happy.

*This is a collaborative post*

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  1. Lovely post, really being a parent is tough. But you have suggested some good tips to get some me time being a parent. Will definitely give them a try.

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