Being a parent is stressful. You are responsible for another human being! You are the one who shapes them into the people they’ll become. That is a big weight to carry. It can be hard to find time to chill out between the caring and cleaning. We all need a break and time to recuperate.

Chill out in the evening

If you get a chance once the kids are in bed, take a break. Everything else can wait for a while. It isn’t the end of the world if the washing isn’t done or there are dishes in the sink.

“Putting the children to bed. That is the only relaxing time.”

 “When little one goes to bed, I tend to switch off. Probably not the best idea for everyone but I try & have as much done in the day as possible so I can relax in the evenings. Except for washing, that can go on all day haha. But then I’ve got a few hours each evening to have a bath, read, write, watch something on Netflix or play games with the other half.”

“My favourite way to relax is after my daughter has gone to bed is to watch a film with my boyfriend with no distractions. No phones, laptops or toys to step on. Just to wind down and enjoy each other’s company.”

Treat yo’ self!

If you are anything like me, you’ll have no problem splashing out on the kids but struggle to put yourself first. We are important too. Get out of the house kid free if you can, book a spa day, send the kids off with family while you have a nap. Think of you! There are plenty of budget options available, check out the spa page on LatestDeals for days out, pamper kits or even your own hot tub!

“Bubble baths with a candle and a face mask are my go to. Nothing beats being peace and quiet!”

“Booking in a Pamper day on a Sunday, this could be spent batch cooking to save time in the evenings or having a facial and catching up on a episode on Netflix. Either way, for me, it’s usually a moment on my own.”
“I look to book a night away in a hotel regularly with my husband. It is something nice to look forward to and our family get to see Daisy overnight too which they love!”

Get creative

Sometimes you have to work around the kids. Take the moments where you can, as few and far between as they may be. You might be sitting in the utility room to eat a chocolate bar in peace, no judgement here!

“Going for a walk, preferably somewhere where they can run wild safely. Let them exhaust themselves whilst you get some fresh air. Then you needn’t feel guilty about having some quiet time in front of the tv with them when you get home!”

“Find something that distracts your mind. For me that’s the sims at the moment as I can’t shut my mind off to read books etc.”


“Pretend you’re going to to the toilet then just stay there for half an hour. Pretend to have the shits so you get to go more often without arousing suspicion.” Https://

How do you relax?
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