Daily Hygiene Tips to Keep Your Teeth Bright and White

Your smile is often one of the first things that people notice about you, so it makes sense to check
yours is gorgeous and bright. Good oral hygiene is key to pearly white, healthy and well-looked after
teeth. Whilst general tooth wear and tear, enamel erosion, and staining can happen to anybody over
time, making the right oral care and hygiene habits a priority every day will help you ensure that
your teeth stay healthy and looking great for as long as possible. We’ve listed some simple steps that
you can take to start getting the most out of your daily dental care habits.

Tip #1. Visit the Dentist Regularly

Whilst most people understand just how hugely important it is to brush your teeth every day, they
don’t realize that visiting the dentist for a check-up at least twice per year is just as important. Even
if you don’t feel any tooth pain and haven’t experienced any dental problems, you should still go and
see your dentist. In fact, it’s even more important to visit if your teeth are feeling fine, as this is the
time when your dentist will be able to spot any potential future issues and help you prevent a
toothache from happening in the first place. And, your dentist can go through your dental hygiene
routine with you and give you some valuable tips and advice. If you need a good family dentist, one
highly recommended clinic is Orlando Smiles Inc. They’re a Better Business Bureau A+ rated business
and can provide emergency care as well as routine treatments, which is ideal for families with young
children who are always throwing themselves around!

#2. Brush and Floss

As well as brushing your teeth daily, are you flossing them? Using dental floss is a simple procedure
once you are used to it, or if you’re not a fan of traditional floss you can use alternative options such
as interdental brushes or a water flosser. Flossing plays a huge part in keeping your teeth as clean
and healthy as possible, as it ensures that the tight areas in between your teeth are kept squeaky
clean too, reaching any tight and close areas that your toothbrush can’t get to. If you want to make
sure that you are flossing correctly, ask your dentist or use a simple online tutorial.

#3. Use the Right Products for You

The equipment that you use for daily care and maintenance of your teeth can make a huge
difference to the results that you’ll see. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, for example, it’s a good
idea to choose a toothpaste that’s specially designed to gently clean sensitive teeth whilst repairing
and strengthening the enamel, making them less sensitive in the future. Investing in an electric
toothbrush is also a great idea. These brushes are designed to apply just the right amount of
pressure and speed, making for a more thorough clean. You can also get a variety of electric
toothbrush heads designed for whitening, interdental cleaning, and reaching hard to clean areas in
your mouth.

Since you only get one set of adult teeth, taking great care of them is essential! What do you do
every day to keep your teeth in the best condition? We’d love to hear from you.

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