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Baby prep: it doesn’t have to be hard

Getting ready for a new baby can seem like a really daunting prospect if you are a first time parent. You have nine months stretching ahead of you, and in terms of a pregnancy those months can seem long, and the end game is far away. When it comes to buying everything you need though, those nine months are only nine pay days and that can make the world feel a little smaller!

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Having a small budget doesn’t mean that you have to panic, though. The truth, that no retailer will ever tell you, is that children don’t actually mean that much stuff when they’re little. If you’re trying to organise your finances ready for the new arrival, see the page here for help. Working with a budget doesn’t mean you’re going to be unprepared for the new baby, but as long as you are sticking to your budget you can manage to get everything that you need. Money is the most annoying thing about having a baby, so you have to assess what is the most important thing to remember when you are buying on a budget.

Make a list of the things that you have, the things that you need and the things that you would like to have. Doing this can help you to understand whether you actually need to spend your money on anything or whether you can be a little thrifty. There are a few things that are marketed to new parents that they don’t actually need like those listed below;

Change Table

You wouldn’t believe how many people pay out for a changing table with a bath attachment, or even just a changing table, and never use it. A towel on the bed or the sofa, or even across your lap, works just as well as a full table that you can buy. You can also go really cheap and just by the mat and pop it on top of a dresser. You could save a lot of money just doing that.

Fancy Bottles.

If you’ve chosen not to breastfeed, then don’t break the bank spending on bottles that are overly fancy. Your baby doesn’t care about ergonomics, they just care about getting the milk and as long as the bottles are BPA free and sterilised correctly, you can save some cash.

Crib Bumpers

You don’t need these at all. If you’re following the correct guidelines, you will know that a safe sleep space means that crib bumpers are not required. They may look a cot look pretty, but you’ll only have to remove them once the baby goes into the cot.

Baby Clothes

Your baby will need clothes, obviously. If you let people know that’s what you need, you’re going to be inundated! Babies grow so fast you’ll barely get to see them wear the same outfit twice. This is going to save you big money, as everyone else will shower you in cute outfits and sleepsuits.

Preparing for a baby doesn’t have to break the bank, so choose your battles with the retailers and only buy what you need.

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