8 things I’ll do different with our second baby

We’re having another baby! The newest nerd is due just before Christmas. Oscar taught me to be a mam, I’ve learnt a lot and there are things I’d like to do different this time!Pregnancy test

A better birth

First of all I’d like a better birth. Now I know that’s wishful thinking and I can’t control much but I do know what I want this time around. Last time I went in blind and didn’t speak up when things went wrong. A lot went wrong.

Don’t buy so much crap

Honestly, do you really need a soother steriliser? Who needs wipe warmers? Stupidly we gave most of the stuff we had for Oscar away. This time we’re only buying what we actually need. We know that we don’t need it all on day one either!

Don’t worry so much

As a first time parent you see everything as a potential health hazard. You feel like you can literally see germs. This time I’ll relax a bit more. I know I wont break the baby!

Stick to the routine

With Oscar I was more worried about him missing out than I was about sticking to a routine. This time nap time is nap time. I’ll have 2 under 2, if I can get them both to nap at once I’ll be winning.

Less googling!

I spent so much time reading articles on BBC parenting and other sites. This time I know what I’m doing, kind of…

Be ready for day 3

Mammys you know what I’m talking about. All the hormones come crashing down and you are miserable. It doesn’t last forever but it definitely feels like it will at the time.

I’m not superwoman

This time I’ll accept help. It doesn’t mean I can’t do it, it just makes life easier.

Document it more

I only started this blog when oscar was 6 months old. This time I’ll have my online diary to note it all! I want more baby photography of both kids!

I’m sure there’s lots I’ll do the same. We didn’t do too bad the first time, Oscar is happy and healthy and huge!

*this is a collaborative post*

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