The Leibster Award

The Leibster Award is an award created by given by bloggers to other bloggers, acknowledging their blogs and giving them the exposure they deserve. I was nominated by the lovely Hanna from, she is amazing and her posts are so well written! Go check out her blog if you haven’t already and follow her […]

The Autumn Tag

The wonderful ladies Amy from Mama Mighalls and Caitylis from tagged me in The Autumn Tag, a questionnaire type post about my second favourite time of year. Last year I didn’t quite get to enjoy Autumn because I was pregnant and suffering from HG but this time round its my little boys first halloween and god knows […]

My favourite Mama Merch

I am a sucker for a tshirt for mamas, becoming a mother is my biggest achievement and I’ll wear that with pride! I love seeing cute little pieces of clothing that show off a persons interests like band tees and football jerseys, its a form of expression and a way to show you are proud […]

It’s not morning sickness!

As I spoke about in my post A Problematic Pregnancy I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a condition that causes severe nausea and extreme vomiting to the point of weight loss in pregnant women. It is not morning sickness, it’s not like the movies where the gorgeous main character runs to the bathroom to throw up […]

Me, Myself & ADHD

I have ADHD, now I know most people will immediately think of a seven-year-old boy bouncing off the walls and misbehaving when they hear about ADHD but it is so much more than that. Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurobiological condition where there is a chemical imbalance in the brain, mainly dopamine. It is […]

DIY Incredibles costumes

So we went to Dublin Comic Con as the incredibles!  I put off sorting out our costumes for ages and then about a week before I panicked, we’d thought about going as the incredibles for a while and so I just went with it!  Here’s what you’ll need! Adults; Red tshirts Red leggings Yellow tshirt […]

Expectations Vs Reality of having kids

After the initial shock of an unplanned baby and all the scary bits that came with our problematic pregnancy we began getting excited and planning our unborn childs future from the moment he took his first breath down to what school we’d like him to go to. Oh how the mighty have fallen! We had such […]

My birth story

Wednesday  11th January 2017 We went to my 38 week appointment, when we were finally seen (Irish public healthcare system is pretty slow) the doctor could see that I was struggling, my stomach muscles had separated, I wasn’t sleeping, the baby was measuring 2 weeks ahead and I was fed up. So when I asked […]

Piccolo pouch review

We recieved a box of piccolo pouches last week from the lovely people at mylittlepiccolo, they were packed full of healthy fruit and veg and perfect for our hungry little man! The stage one pouches are suitable from baby’s first feed, they’re fruit and vegetable purées with a Mediterranean twist! “The Mediterranean approach to nutrition […]

“Too young to be a mother”

“That’s not your baby is it?!”  That sentence doesn’t seem too bad until you see the look of shock and disgust on the face of the person who’s saying it. Ever since I had a baby bump, people have stared, that’s fine I had a huge bump and people love a pregnant lady, right? That’s […]

The 5 teething saviours for us

We were convinced Oscar would have his first tooth by the time  he was 2 months old, I mean he was drooling, pawing at his gums, just definitely teething by 6 weeks, it couldn’t take that long could it? Yes, yes it can, here we are at 5 months and not one tooth in sight! […]

The 7 shades of S

When I was pregnant, which was for about 10 years (or so it felt) I was constantly reading up to prepare myself for the huge life change I was about to face. I had articles up on my phone and One Born playing on the TV, I had so many books and I asked my […]