Finding ways to relax as a parent

Finding the time to relax when you’re a parent is not easy, trust me. Children by their nature require pretty much all of your attention, especially at first. Even though you can leave them under the supervision of someone else, it’s difficult to let go, and you can only rely on babysitters every so often. […]

Working around family life

Fifty years ago, mums were expected to quit their jobs when they had a child, and spend the next few years raising them while the fathers were out at work. However, in the last five decades, things have changed a lot, including society’s perceptions of parenthood and how thing should be done. Child rearing is […]

Getting out with a baby

If you’re like us, this is a military operation. Making sure you’ve got everything, spares, and yourself sorted is often too much stress to handle. If you’re a first time parent, this is even more unnerving. God forbid you’re out in public with a screaming baby, but you’ve forgot a spare nappy to change into. […]

Baby prep: it doesn’t have to be hard

Getting ready for a new baby can seem like a really daunting prospect if you are a first time parent. You have nine months stretching ahead of you, and in terms of a pregnancy those months can seem long, and the end game is far away. When it comes to buying everything you need though, those […]

Mexico – Los Cabos, A Dream Holiday

Summer is just around the corner and I am dreaming of a holiday. Normally we go to Spain on our holidays as we have family there. However, I want to see more of the world! Los Cabos, Mexico is on my bucket list. Everything about the Mexican culture and landscape appeals to me. As much […]

Making memories in Benalmadena, Spain

As you will have seen from previous posts, some of my family live in Spain. Blessed, I know! So we went back to visit them all in October when Oscar was nearly 10 months old and it was a completely different experience than when we went with our newborn earlier last year. Oscar was awake […]

Mess? No Stress with Bibetta

I’m sure lots of parents say this but I really do think I have the messiest eater ever. Oscar likes to smear himself in whatever he is eating. When I say eating I mean attempting to feed himself and missing his mouth 85% of the time. Let me tell you, eggs are not easy to […]