Money saving hacks for parents

Kids cost money, a lot of money, due to nappies, the food, the wipes, the clothes, playgroup, toys…. The list goes on. Being a parent is expensive, all of a sudden birthdays and holidays cost a lot more. Don’t get me started on Christmas. I know, I know, it’s only September. I’m not asking you […]

4 Sacrifices Moms Need To Make For Their Kids

Life changes when you have a child. Their needs come first, which means sacrifices are inevitable. Of course, parents need to stay sane and don’t want to give up everything. Otherwise, they end up being the type of people who only live for their children and don’t have lives of their own.Getting the right balance is essential […]

Master Bedroom Makeover

The last time I redesigned a bedroom I went for hot pink and black. So edgy. To be fair I was 14 and thought I was the shit. Now, I’m a grown up, so I need a grown up room! I’m out of my childhood room and into the master bedroom. We’ve spent the last […]

Relaxing as a parent

Being a parent is stressful. You are responsible for another human being! You are the one who shapes them into the people they’ll become. That is a big weight to carry. It can be hard to find time to chill out between the caring and cleaning. We all need a break and time to recuperate. […]

Primary School Memories

School days are the best days of your life right? I think so anyway. The most stressful thing was remembering to bring your crayons. Here are some of my favourite school memories! Rushing to pick the milk carton with the coolest picture on it Playing the tin whistle so badly the teacher asks you to […]

8 things I’ll do different with our second baby

We’re having another baby! The newest nerd is due just before Christmas. Oscar taught me to be a mam, I’ve learnt a lot and there are things I’d like to do different this time! A better birth First of all I’d like a better birth. Now I know that’s wishful thinking and I can’t control […]

Fun At The Farm: Choosing A Different Day Out

As each weekend passes by, the weather slips between hot and cold, and while the children grow, it will be very easy to find yourself stuck in certain routines. The activities you involve yourself in will start to become very samey, with the safe options you’ve tried before being easier to approach than something new. […]

Digital Age Parenting

Children Are Increasingly Going Online A recent report showed that most children have access to technology. 9/10 have a smartphone and more than half have three or more gadgets with which they can go online. While confidence seems high among parents ability to track and control their young child’s technology use. That starts to die […]

Healthy Eating Hacks For Toddlers

Toddlers, fussy little feckers. It isn’t easy to get them to eat healthy. One day they absolutely love carrot sticks, the next they are screaming in your face for having the audacity to put one on their plate. It’s not easy. Oscar is pretty good with fruit but really contrary when it comes to vegetables. […]