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Baby Nursery – making the most of your space

So – you’re got a baby on the way or you’re moving them into their own room. Baby’s come with a lot of stuff and once they’re toddlers that stuff has to be up high! You don’t want to compromise on style but you need to be practical!

Oscar has so much stuff for such a little guy. Clothes, toys, nappies, wipes, bibs, and about 47 odd socks. Where do the other socks go?! You don’t want to trip over something when you’re stealthily trying to put the baby to bed. Even babies need good storage!

Baby room


That’s where Bravo London can come in.

You see it’s all about space. It means actually being able to see the floor in their room. Oscar has the ability to clear a shelf in seconds. He has an obsession with emptying things, but he can’t clear off his wardrobe!

Bravo London specialise in creating little hidey-holes so that everything has its place.  But, knowing how fast your children change all their storage solution can also change and grow as your child does. Often including adjustable shelves and spaces so that you can move things around as your child grows up.

If you’re interested in some new fancy sliding doors or some storage solutions check BravoLondon out!

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