2 Nerds & A Baby

DIY Incredibles costumes

So we went to Dublin Comic Con as the incredibles! 

I put off sorting out our costumes for ages and then about a week before I panicked, we’d thought about going as the incredibles for a while and so I just went with it! 

Here’s what you’ll need!


  • Red tshirts
  • Red leggings
  • Yellow tshirt for the belt
  • Black socks
  • Black leggings/boxer shorts
  • Cheap masks
  • Black paint
  • Iron on patches or tshirt printer


  • Red baby gro
  • Red tights
  • Long sleeve black top
  • Iron on incredibles logo patch

All in it cost about €40 for everything! We painted the masks, printed the logo onto our tops and cut up the black leggings! So much cheaper than paying €60 each for a costume and everyone loved it, people kept stopping us for a photo of Oscar in his JackJack costume and we had an Incredible time ❤️🖤

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