Baby number 2 is on the way and I want to get our shit together. We have taken on my parents old home and we’re in the process of doing a complete home makeover. We started with the Master Bedroom Makeover and we are making our way room by room. Some pregnant women nest, I DIY.


So we already have the bathrooms tiled in black and white. It would be hugely expensive and a lot of effort to retile them so we’re going to revamp it. I want to paint the bathroom black, it gets a lot of natural light so it wont be too dark.


Living room

Our living room is quite outdated. It is a cream colour, you know that magnolia every room ever was in the early 00’s? Yeah, that. I want to make it more modern and cleaner looking. I think we’ll go for a grey feature wall at the fireplace and some yellow couch cushions



The kitchen is a big one. Our sliding doors are old and broken. I would love to install some bi-fold doors! All that natural light and open space would just make the kitchen seem bigger. I also want to paint the kitchen cupboards. I’m thinking of a two tone kitchen, with a light wood worktop.


Oscars Room

With the new baby on the way we’ll be moving our big boy into a big boy room. I’m not crying, you are. We have a box room, the bed thats there is built in over the stair box so its raised about 2.5 feet off the ground. I want to build steps and a slide onto the bed!


*Collaborative Post*

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