Master Bedroom Makeover

The last time I redesigned a bedroom I went for hot pink and black. So edgy. To be fair I was 14 and thought I was the shit. Now, I’m a grown up, so I need a grown up room! I’m out of my childhood room and into the master bedroom. We’ve spent the last few weekends fixing up and painting the master bedroom. This bedroom had been an ugly yellow and red combination that had never been in style. The built in wardrobes were wrapped in cheap laminate. It made them look like vertical coffins. It was definitely time for a makeover!

The Walls

I spent a few hours on Pinterest and BBC Design looking for inspiration. We settled on a navy feature wall, keeping the rest white. Finding the perfect Navy wasn’t easy. I wanted something deep but matte enough that it didn’t make the room look dark. Who knew there were 50 shades of any colour! Its been trial and error and at the minute the wall is a lot bluer than I’d like. We’ve had a nice navy made up which we’ll be painting this weekend.

The Wardrobes

The laminate came off pretty easily, and the wood beneath was in perfect condition. I did an undercoat on each door before layering on furniture paint. I just used a generic “winter grey” furniture paint. It needed a few coats but the finish is lovely.

The Flooring

At the minute its solid wood, its covered in scuffs and splashes of every colour of paint. Its the original flooring from when the house was built over 20 years ago. We’re thinking of getting some vinyl flooring in a dark oak colour to warm the room.

The final product

Well not exactly final because I still want to add some wall art and plants in the room. It is a massive improvement though!

*This is a collaborative post*

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