Making the most of your space

Having a child takes up a lot of space. Honestly, how can someone so small take up so much space?! There are toys everywhere! They come with so much stuff. If you have more than one child its hard to remember what the house looked like before being covered with lego and nappies.

There are ways to make the most of your space, here are a few little tips and tricks I’ve found helpful.

Living room

Mount the TV – we have a toddler who will climb anything he can and he loves mauling the tv so we have mounted it above the fireplace. Saves so much space a TV unit would take up!

Wall shelves – Instead of traditional book shelves we have the mounted shelves from IKEA for my books and Adams comics

Multipurpose furniture – Make seats out of cubed furniture as well as using them for storage!


“Clever storage solutions! In our current home I’ve had to think clever to create more space as there just wasn’t enough for our family. A divan bed and mirrored wardrobes really helped in our bedroom, while a well-known Swedish brand massively helped downstairs!” Https://www.refinedprose.com

“Mirrors if possible, don’t get excessive just adding mirrors helps, having clutter free spaces and a good clear out (I’m doing one room at a time but it’s really making a difference) natural light where possible and nice light features in the rooms make it look lovely and spacious.” Www.dearmummybear.co.uk
“Use light coloured furniture! Our bedroom is very cramped but we’ve used all white furniture and the walls are painted white also so it makes it look much bigger than it is!” http://palegirlrambling.co.uk


“Keep surfaces as clear as possible. Coffee table, side tables, kitchen work tops, it makes rooms look so much bigger.” Https://www.theparentgameblog.co.uk

Get a smaller dining table – it gives you less space to store crap, I’m awful for using the table as a drop off for stuff.

Neutral colours – Even tones in a room can make them seem more spacious

Make more space

If you have the budget, and planning permission, a conservatory is a great way to add extra space to your home. There are a range of conservatories available on tc2u, to suit any style.
Think tall, not wide when it comes to storage. Vertical furnishings can hold just as much while taking up less floor space!
“De-clutter! Be ruthless. Clear out anything you don’t really need.” https://katykicker.com
If all else fails….
“Kick out the husband along with the kids?”  http://raisingtherings.com
*This is a collaborative post*

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