Cleaning hacks for busy parents

Since having Oscar, jobs around the house have taken a back seat. It’s hard to find the time to get anything done! I’ve never been a domestic goddess. I have always been bad at keeping on top of housework. I am all about the easy way of doing things. I love a good life hack!

I was recently sent a DEEBOT OZMO 610 from Ecovacs. It has definitely made my life a whole lot easier! I can control it from the amazon echo, or my phone. This is so handy, and funny because Oscars first word was “Alexa”. I just turn it on and it goes around the floor picking up dirt, it has sensors so it doesn’t crash into the baby/dog/wall too!


But wait, there’s more. IT MOPS! Yeah, you read that right. It mops too. There’s a little well at the back that you fill with water (I put zoflora in it too) and attach the little flat mop and away it goes! I can get on with making dinner or playing with Oscar while the floors are cleaned. It returns itself to charge when the battery runs low and it can be controlled by a remote! Honestly its my new favourite toy.

The DEEBOT has made things a lot easier and ticked two daily jobs off my list. I have a toddler and the worlds messiest dog so it is a life saver! I asked a few other parents about their cleaning hacks and here is what they had to say;

Keep cleaning wipes in your bathroom so you can give it a quick whip over when your kids are bathing! georginaclarkeblog.com

Make use of the delay timers on your appliances. For example, set a timer on the washing machine the night before and get ahead of the washing!


Soak a sponge in fabric conditioner and chuck it in your dryer with your clothes – they smell INCREDIBLE after www.babiesandbeauty.com

What are your cleaning hacks?

*I was sent a DEEBOT but all views are my own*

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