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The consequences of being a Dad

I remember the phone ringing when I was in work, it was busy and I just had a feeling I should answer it, Eileen hadn’t been feeling well and I knew she had just gone to the doctors, I thought maybe she was calling to say that she had a virus or something, when I answered the phone I could barely make out what she was saying through sobs, it was like a delayed response.

Did she just say pregnant??

My knees nearly buckled, I must have walked a few kilometres from pacing on the tiny 6×6 kitchen floor, what the fuck were we going to do? We hadn’t got a house, we had a 3 seater car, we had shit jobs working uncertain hours for minimum wage. I didn’t know what to do, I just knew I had to be there.

To me the biggest consequence of being a dad isn’t missing lads nights out or lie ins, the biggest consequence is the incredible happiness, no matter how hard my day is I know that if I get one little smile from my son it was worth it. My favourite part of being a dad changes everyday just like he does, I love that he learns something new all the time, it’s the little things that end up feeling like big things.

Its not an easy job, but it’s the best one I’ve ever had! My dad used to say “monkey see monkey do” I do my best to show my monkey what a good person does so hopefully he will do and grow up to be a good man.

10 comments on “The consequences of being a Dad

  1. What a lovely photo – and a great sentiment too. I also never realised until I actually had kids how amazing it is to have a little person in your life 🙂

  2. I just reread this again for some inspo … great blog mate 😀 its true the lads nights dont come very often when your a parent but you can have lads night with Oscar when hes a little older 😉

  3. Deadly post my man. It’s some whirlwind isn’t it? From the moment you hear those words to the birth and then every day creating memories. Best feeling a man (& woman of course) can find, no question. Quality post.

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