2 Nerds And A Baby

About 2 Nerds And A Baby

Welcome to 2 Nerds And A Baby!

We Are Eileen and Adam. We’re family bloggers from Ireland and first-time parents to our little boy, Oscar. On our site you’ll find blogs from both of us all about the adventure that is being Mammy and Daddy!

We’re both massive nerds and proud (in case the title wasn’t clear), so we’ll also be blogging on all things nerdy, niche and up our street.

As well as parenting and geeking out, we also love to talk travel, and we’re partial to the odd product review too, so be sure to check out our latest updates in those sections of the blog too.

We hope you enjoy our first-time parents’ guide to the galaxy, and if you’ve any questions, enquiries about collaborations or just want to say hi, get in touch with us via email at 2nerdsandababy@gmail.com.

May the force be with ya.

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